Destroy The World 3D has been update to fix white screen bug and other issues with newer android phones.


Destroy The World 3D has been published

Ever felt like destroying the world? Now you can with Destroy The World 3D for Android.
Toss fire and ice comets at the world. Increase comet power by hitting red asteroids with fire comets and blue asteroids with ice comets. Get bonus points by knocking asteroids into the earth.
When most of earth is covered in craters watch the earth explode.
Three levels of difficulty.


Irrlicht for 3D graphics
Bullet for physics
Xml and Squirrel for scripting



Mayan Calendar Countdown 2012 for android phone has been published



View summary at http://www.androlib.com/android.application.com-roguetreasure-mayancalendar-wEjn.aspx

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The Mayan Calendar
Mayan Calendar Portal




Mayan Calendar Countdown 2012 for android phones will released soon
Download at The Android Market

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